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Welcome to – a blog about the secret healing properties of salt, particularly Himalayan salts!

My name is Erica, and in the quest for a healthier living, I’ve discovered the many wonderful health benefits of salt, and I cannot wait to share it with you, my readers:)

It is amazing how a simple thing that has been gifted to us by mother nature can have such significant impacts on people’s health across the globe. It has been used for centuries for different purposes; cooking, seasoning, bath, etc.

I’m sure you’ve gargled a glass of water with dissolved salt when you develop an ulcer in the mouth…ever question why do you do so? And guess what do we use to melt the icy sidewalks during winter? Salt, of course!

I hope you’re intrigued by the mysteries and the many uses of salt… Spend some time on this blog to explore my discoveries.

I’ve tried many of the products mentioned in this blog, and I plan to keep trying out different alternatives in order to learn more, and to continuously improve my health (and yours too). Some are great, some have no effects whatsoever, and some are garbage… I make it a point to list down the ones that work for me, for the benefits of readers who wish to know more about them.

My health has significantly improved ever since I started using these salt products, and I hope you will try some of them out to see for yourself.

I don’t claim to be a physician or a health guru, but I thoroughly enjoy sharing my experience with other people. It might work very well for me, but everybody’s experiences differ.

Lastly, thanks again for visiting!




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