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A Salt Mine in Your Hand – The Cisca Salt Pipe Review

Like a breath of fresh air, many natural and accessible remedies are making their way into the spotlight.

Simpler substances and even simpler methods are being discovered to alleviate some of chronic health problems.

One of these simple marvels is known as the Cisca Salt Pipe.

It was specifically designed and developed to address respiratory disorders such as asthma, allergies, sinus problems and bronchitis but was found to have dramatically improved the overall well-being of the users.

What Is Cisca Salt Pipe?

Cisca SaltpipeThis special medication method hails from Hungary, where this treatment takes on a more grandiose practice.

People would visit Hungarian caves that were rich with salt crystals. Merely breathing the air in the cave would subject patients to the abundant salt crystals, cleansing their respiratory system.

Studies have shown that most of the common respiratory problems today are a result of air pollution. Hence we should be cleansing our respiratory tract just like how we are cleansing our skin and hair!

But not everyone has a salt cave they can visit on a regular basis. So instead of bringing the patient to a salt cave, the UK company Cisca decided to bring the salt caves to us in the form of the saltpipe.

A salt pipe is a simple closed inhalation device made of a special ceramic material used for breathing in salt crystals. The interior of the pipe is composed of a salt chamber and a filter that controls the amount of salt being inhaled.

The natural salt crystals in the Cisca saltpipe are harvested from the Halite caves in Hungary and can last in their pipes for up to five years.

Why Salt?

Sodium is treated like a healing substance that melts away mucus and cleans away microbes that have found their way into our respiratory system.

Think of them as millions and millions of tiny scrubs that will find every dirty nook and cranny inside your lungs and clean everything out.

And since it’s inhaled instead of consumed, the salt crystals coming from the Cisca salt pipe go straight into the lungs without having the pass through the blood.

It goes straight into the alveoli where it can clear out anything that can cause inflammation or blockages.

How Does It Work?

That’s an easy question. It works the same way you use a pipe. You place the mouthpiece into your mouth and breath.

The salt in the base of the pipe goes through a special set of filters that make sure only the smallest specks make their way into your lungs. You will barely taste the salt.

Once the salt enters the body, it performs several functions. Primarily, it loosens the fluids near the nose. Any stuck or hardended mucus becomes easier to remove through the therapy.

It also gets into the small air sacs within the lungs and clears them of any bacterial growths that might be threatening to cause inflammation and infection.

The therapy itself has been known to help relieve the symptoms from a variety of respiratory issues namely bronchitis, colds, allergies, asthma, hay fever and even cystic fibrosis.

Even people with sleep apnoea and snoring find some level of relief through salt therapy.

It is to be noted, though, that saltpipe treatment does not cure these ailments but it serves as a great supplementary treatment to go along with proper medication and rest.

Advantages of Using A Cisca Salt Pipe

Compared to a trip to the salt caves in exotic Hungary, a Cisca saltpipe containing the salt from those caves is a more affordable alternative.

And since the device is made from special ceramic material, you won’t have to worry about changing pipes or parts any time soon.

Additionally, these pipes are compact and can be brought anywhere. They don’t need electricity or batteries so there is no need for recharging.

As soon as you feel an itch in the throat or notice a cough that won’t go away, you can start your saltpipe therapy immediately.

On top of that, the device itself needs little maintenance. A simple cleaning of the mouthpiece will occasionally ensure that the pipe is good to go. There aren’t any parts that need replacement.

If you purchased the original porcelain salt inhaler, it comes with 50g of halite salt crystals. This can last for up to 5 years so no refill is needed!


As mentioned earlier, therapy through the salt pipe cannot be used as a sole method of curing certain respiratory illnesses.

That means they are a supplementary treatment that could add more expenditures to your current medication.

There aren’t a lot of disadvantages to such as accessible form of medication, but it is important to remember that curing your respiratory conditions cannot be done through the saltpipe alone.

Halite Salt Cave in Your Palm…

Because of its numerous benefits and understandable disadvantages, the Cisca saltipie is a worthy investment.

It doesn’t interfere with your medication and can greatly increase the effectiveness of whatever treatment you’re going through.

It’s a must have for those who are plagued by the discomforts of severe cough, snoring, sleep apnoea and even bronchitis. Many users have shared the same sentiments about this method.

It will reduce the sleepless nights from constant sneezing and difficulty with breathing.

For about 20 minutes a day (which can also be distributed into smaller sessions throughout the length of the day), you’ll begin to see improvements in your condition in record time.

To add to that, inhaling from the saltpipe itself is a therapeutic process. Most users claim that it feels like breathing in the refreshing sea air without the pollution.

The controlled environment within the interior of the saltpipe makes it possible to breath in fresh air. The filtering system of the pipe will guarantee that the air you’re breathing is clean and fresh.

Finally, the Cisca saltpipe is ideal for children as well. The natural sodium crystals from European caves are good for both mature and young lungs that are suffering from irritation and blockages.

You can also get the Cisca salt pipe in their “Elipipe” variant which comes in the shape of an elephant to make it more child-friendly.

Owning a Cisca Saltpipe is like having your own personal Halite salt mine right in the palm of your hand that you can take with you wherever you go. The efficacy of hundred-year-old salt mines is now yours in a small pipe.

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