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Himalayan Salt Inhaler: The Best Response to Respiratory Ailments

If you are, or if you know of anyone suffering from chronic respiratory ailments, such as sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis and other COPD, you will understand how much breathing discomfort and difficulties these ailments can cause.

There is no cure to many of these respiratory ailments. The only way is to alleviate the symptoms and control the condition to mitigate the risk of an asthma attack or a severe COPD episode.

If you are thinking of reducing your over-reliance on chemical inhalers and other-steroid based medications, yet controlling the condition and improving the quality of life, one way of doing so is through the salt air treatment with the use of a Himalayan salt inhaler.

Speleotherapy With The Use of Himalayan Salt Pipe

The Himalayan salt pipe is a very handy ceramic gadget that has a compartment where the natural Himalayan pink salt crystals are placed and a mouth piece where you can inhale the salt fumes from.

The idea is to replicate the therapeutic effect of Speleotherapy, where you inhale salt-infused air in a natural salt cave.

Its compact design makes it easy to handle with the use of one hand and can be stored in the most convenient places like the bathroom shelf, dresser or bedside table for easy daily access.

I have to admit that it’s probably not as effective as the salt cave treatment. But it is a very affordable and all-natural option for anyone who needs to reduce the inflammation of their respiratory tract. Not everyone has the luxury of going to the salt cave, but it is much easier to own a salt inhaler in your hand.

How To Use The Himalayan Salt Inhaler?

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The salt inhaler allows you to enjoy the respiratory benefits of natural cave mines right at home.

The Himalayan salt pipe comes ready with pink salt crystals that can be easily refilled from the bottom of the gadget by removing a plug. It is as easy as refilling a salt shaker!

Once the inhaler is filled with pink Himalayan salt crystals, your salt inhaler is ready for use.

Simply place your mouth on the mouthpiece and inhale deeply through your mouth.

Inhale the salt fumes in long and deep puffs so you can fill your entire lungs.

As soon as your lungs have fully expanded with salt fumes filling its entirety, hold it for a second and exhale slowly and fully through your nose.

You will feel like you are taking a breath of fresh salty air by the sea or in a salt cave.

TIPS: It is recommended that you spend 10-15 minutes every day inhaling the salt crystal fumes.

Because of the ease of use and handling, you can even do it while you are watching your favorite TV program.

If you are familiar in the deep breathing discipline of yoga, you can apply this to your inhalation of the salt fumes.

This ensures full respiratory coverage of the beneficial salt air.

Initially, you may find it difficult to inhale from the mouth and exhale from the nose, or you may realise that your breathing is very shallow and not being able to fill your lungs. This is normal. If you continue to practice these deep breathing techniques, you’ll realize a difference in a couple of weeks. Moreover, deep breathing can bring on a calming effect.

Alternatively you can just breathe normally as you would in a salt room.

How To Take Care Of and Maintain The Salt Pipe?

You can clean the Himalayan salt inhaler by washing it using soap and water when you are about to replace the salt crystals.

Who Will Best Benefit From Its Use?

The Himalayan salt inhaler benefits those suffering from asthma, allergies, hay fever, sinus, bronchitis, COPD, breathing difficulties and other chronic respiratory ailments.

This is a non-invasive and 100% natural drug-free therapy, which serves to alleviate the respiratory conditions and also as a preventive measure against episodes of asthma or allergies.

The natural salty fumes will reduce the swelling in the nasal passages and has a thinning effect on mucus, resulting in improved breathing.

You can feel instant relief from the phlegm which feels stuck deep in your lungs, irritates your breathing, and often causes you to cough non-stop.

Salty air has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Hence it helps to clear your entire respiratory tract of bacteria that could trigger an asthma attack.

For asthma sufferers, you will be able to minimize the chances of severe attacks by daily cleansing of your internal airway passages.

COPD and bronchitis sufferers will also experience relief from their chronic breathing discomfort and lessen the coughing.

The microscopic salt particles are also able to penetrate and cleanse deep into the nasal cavities, hence providing effective relief to sinus sufferers.

Again, the compact design of the Himalayan Salt Pipe benefits persons with these two conditions because it is small enough to take anywhere.

As soon as you feel an itch that has a potential to develop into an asthma episode, you can have this compact salt pipe with you to control the bacterial buildup.

The same goes with the gradual tightening feeling of COPD.

Worried About Himalayan Salt Inhaler Side Effects?

Since the Himalayan Salt Inhaler uses 100% all-natural salt crystal, there have been no reports of severe side effects in customers’ reviews.

Direct inhalation of the salt fumes has eliminated the rare cases of skin irritation from exposing the entire body to salty air in speleotherapy rooms.

There are no known side effects because that’s what all-natural means and that’s the edge of the salt pipe over commercial respiratory drugs.

Oral medication can cause side effects, the natural salt crystals won’t.

Himalayan Salt Inhaler Reviews

I bought the Himalayan salt inhaler by Natural Solutions for my husband who was suffering from chronic sinus. It’s been a couple of weeks since he started the daily usage of the salt inhaler. With consistent use, his congestion and sinus infection has effectively reduced. Moreover, his wheezing and snoring problems have been eased and overall sleep quality has improved.

I like the fact that the inhaler is made of ceramic (not plastics!). It is also a very small and handy gadget so it’s really convenient to bring around.

Before I purchased the Himalayan salt pipe, I did some basic research and went through the customer reviews of the Himalayan salt inhaler posted on Amazon. The majority of the users are experiencing positive results, which is great:)

Notably, many of the asthma sufferers managed to reduce their use and dependence of their asthma inhalers after they embarked on the daily routine of deep breathing with the all-natural Himalayan salt inhaler. Most of them have experienced an improvement in their breathing and would happily recommend the salt inhaler as an alternative, or additional treatment for asthma/allergy or other respiratory ailments, especially for those who are determined to find an alternative to being over reliant on their steroid-based inhalers.

Some reviews say that is has been very effective on kids who are having a hard time with heavy congestions.

While I haven’t seen any reports of side effects, there were a few minor complaints or caveats. Some customers mentioned that the plug at the bottom of the inhaler may drop out. A quick solution to this is to use a tape to secure it.

There were also customers who felt that the salt was insufficient. The Natural Solution Himalayan Salt Inhaler comes with 2 packs of Himalayan pink salt crystals. The inhaler is designed such that you can easily top-up or refill the salt. Just remove the plug at the bottom and pour in the salt refill (tip: you might want to use a small kitchen funnel).

The good news is that you can easily purchase Himalayan salt refill on Amazon!

What’s So Great About The Himalayan Salt Pipe?

The best feature for this product is that you can enjoy the benefits of salt therapy for COPD in your own home. It is affordable and convenient, as you do not need to go all the way to commercial salt rooms or salt spas.

Moreover, it is not costly to replenish the salt crystals.

It can serve as the entire family’s respiratory ailment response treatment that is safe even for the young members of the household.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, the Himalayan pink salt is deemed to be the purest form of natural salt in the world today. It also contains 84 naturally-occurring trace elements and minerals that are essential for our bodies.

We cannot over emphasize the value of the Himalayan Salt Inhaler for those who have asthma and COPD.

It’s as important as a plaster in your medicine cabinet and a fire extinguisher in your kitchen. Or, maybe even more.

If you have been troubled by respiratory discomfort for a long time, why not give Himalayan Salt Inhaler a try today?

Check out the highly rated Himalayan Pink Salt Inhaler on Amazon

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