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Salitair Salt Pipe Review – Best Therapy for Asthma and Allergies?

Do you suffer from asthma, allergies or other breathing problems that brings about difficulties and limitations to your daily life? Do you feel that you are missing out on a lot more fun compared to your peers?

You do not have to live with these respiratory ailments!

Typical treatments, unfortunately, often involve medications that bring about side effects, or even dependencies.

The GOOD NEWS is that you can now make use of the Salitair Salt Inhaler Pipe, a clinically proven drug-free natural salt therapy to treat your respiratory condition!

What Is Salitair Inhaler?

Salitair PartsSalitair is a plastic device with a mouthpiece, and a salt chamber between 2 filters.

When you breathe in, the moisture in the air passing through the salt chamber absorbs the micron-sized salt particles and enters your respiratory tract.

In the past, people in continental Europe had to make trips to salt mines to feel the benefits of speleotherapy or salt therapy.

Making trips to the seaside to breathe in the salty sea air was also another folk remedy that was passed down for generations as a natural way to ease respiratory problems.

Over the years, modern science has allowed us to recreate the salt mine’s micro-environment in commercial speleotherapy rooms.

Now, Salitair inhaler has brought salt therapy to the comforts of your own home!

With the Salitair salt pipe, respiratory benefits of the natural salt mines becomes available whenever and wherever you want or need it.

Think of it as nature’s best respiratory remedy at the palm of your hands 24/7.

Benefits of Salitair Salt Therapy

Salty air has hydrophilic, bactericide, mucokinetic and anti-inflammatory properties. All of these properties help cleanse and clear up the internal air passages.

As an effective anti-bacterial treatment, daily use of the Salitair inhaler will help control asthma and lower the chances of uncomfortable and even life threatening asthma attacks.

The salt fumes will kill the asthma causing bacteria in the internal air passages from the mouth to the lunges and out through the nostrils.

Furthermore, the daily habit of puffing through the Salitair salt inhaler will soothe the discomforts brought by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

The salt air will clear up the airways passage and provide for more relaxed and comfortable breathing for such cases.

The Salitair Pipe will also provide comfort and treatment for other milder respiratory ailments like bronchitis, sinusitis, congestions, common colds, hay fever, allergies, smoker’s cough and others.

This salt pipe will solve all respiratory blockage related ailments ranging from the most severe condition of asthma to the simplest discomfort of snoring.

100% Natural and Drug-Free Remedy

Salty air is one of the best natural remedies for asthma and other respiratory ailments.

Severe asthma conditions require oral medications with steroids. Speleotherapy aims to keep the patient from reaching that level of desperation.

With regular inhalation of salt fumes, the patient is able to prevent the buildup of bacteria in the entire respiratory tract and reduce the chances of a severe asthma attacks.

Because Speleotherapy is an all-natural respiratory treatment, there have not been any reports of side effects, except for some rare cases of skin irritation in Speleotherapy Rooms. It is possible that some people with super sensitive skin cannot last very long in a salt-filled environment.

On the other hand, since salt pipes send the salt fumes straight to your lungs, even the most sensitive skin will not have any problems with the salt treatment.

This makes Salitair salt therapy for asthma and allergy the safest Speleotherapy treatment so far.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Salitair’s compact design is perfect for home use.

It is very easy to forget something that is stored in a box and kept in storage. Anything that is too small will be kept in a drawer and will also be forgotten.

The Salitair Salt Pipe is neither too big nor too small. This device can be placed on your night table or dresser.

It is also simple and effortless to use. You can even do it alongside other activities.

Just place the ergonomically designed mouthpiece into your mouth, inhale through your mouth and exhale through your nose so that your entire respiratory tract is being cleansed.

There is no need to breathe deeper than normal. Just inhale comfortably.

This is unlike other treatments such as nasal douches which can be very messy.

How Do I Use The Salitair Inhaler?

how to use Salitair15 minutes of daily use is recommended. You can either do it in a continuous period or break it into 3 sessions of 5 minutes each.

Since the salt pipe is just a compact handheld device, you can schedule the regular salt treatments while you are watching your favorite TV program or during that relaxing after-dinner moment.

The Salitair salt inhaler comes with 220 grams of natural rock salt crystals and salt refills are available.

The salt crystals in the pipe should be replaced every four to six weeks for maximum effectiveness and hygiene.

The 220 gram supply of salt crystals should last up to three months of daily use.

How Do I Clean and Store The Salitair Pipe?

It is best to keep the pipe in a place where there is low humidity in order to keep the salt crystals in the pipe dry.

Tip: Salitair should not come into contact with water when it’s filled with salt.

The Salitair salt inhaler is designed such that you can empty the pipe and washed it thoroughly with warm soapy water, before replacing the salt crystals. This is more hygienic compared to closed pipe designs that can only be cleaned with a cloth.

Make sure that the pipe, especially the salt containment portion, is thoroughly dry before you fill it with new salt crystals. You can use your hair blow dryer in drying the pipe.

Side Effects of Salitair Salt Pipe?

Because Salitair is an all-natural treatment, there are no known side effects.

This is unlike common respiratory medications which might cause drowsiness, hence impairing ability to concentrate or perform certain tasks.

What Do Customers Say?

The majority of Salitair Salt Air Inhaler reviews come from people who are suffering from asthma.

A lot of the customers bought the product to manage their asthma condition. That is why most of the feedbacks submitted pertained to its ability in providing respiratory relief as well as in asthma attack prevention.

There are customers who are happy to report that they haven’t had an asthma attack for years since they included the Salitair Salt Pipe in their daily routine.

Other Salitair Salt Pipe reviews come from people who are happy on how the product gave them relief for minor congestions.

Since the customers who had asthma already had the Salitair salt treatment device in their homes, they used it on other members of their family to calm mild reparatory issues like the common cold and, it worked well. These are the other type of feedbacks that has been coming in.

Last but not least, Dr. Chris Steele has sung praises and endorses the product on This Morning, you can watch it here:

Ease Your Breathing Problems Today…

Salitair has helped thousands of asthma, allergy and respiratory sufferers ease the symptoms of their breathing problems.

So why not give this natural relief a try and benefit from the healing effects of natural salt crystals?

If you’re in the Mainland U.K., you can purchase Salitair here, –>

For U.S. customers, you can purchase them from 3rd party seller on Amazon here –> Salitair Salt Crystal Inhaler

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