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Say Goodbye to Muscle Aches and Pains With Salt Therapy Pillows

Salt pillows are something no household should be without because it the safest and most effective remedy for muscle aches and pains.

When the Sun evaporated the primordial sea millions of years ago, pristine crystalline salt was left buried deep in the Himalayan Mountains.

These salt crystals contain the 84 minerals that are essential to human life.

With its power to re-mineralize, re-energize, replenish electrolytes and maintain the body’s pH balance along with its ability to improve circulation, respiration and nervous system function, the Himalayan salt crystals has been used in inhalers and lamps to promote health and well-being.

Now, there is one more way to take advantage of this natural healer. By placing them in bags to make salt pillows and, by either heating or cooling them, these natural salt crystals can alleviate symptoms and treat common muscle pains, joint aches and headaches.

Types of Salt Pillows

There are several types of salt pillows that can be used to treat various parts of the body. Their main difference is in the construction design. A salt pillow that is focused on treating a particular body part will have the size and shape that best fit that target spot.

The most popular one is the salt pillow for the eyes and ears. This therapeutic pillow is very effective in relaxing the face, easing headaches, ear aches and providing gentle pressure where it is needed. It is about half the size of a face towel that is just right for placing on top of your eyes. It is long enough to extend to your ears but thin enough so as not to cover your nostrils and impair your breathing.

The Himalayan salt pillow for the neck works well in easing your aches and pains on the neck area, top of the spine or shoulders. It follows the shape of a scarf and is worn the same way except that you don’t throw it around the back anymore. You just leave it hanging on your chest like an untied necktie.

To ease the tension and remove the pain on your spine, upper back and the lower back which usually gives us trouble when being up on our feet for too long, salt therapeutic pillows are long enough so that in can cover the trapezius area all the way to the lower back just touching the bottucks. They are also a bit heavy, averaging at least 5 kilos, so that its weight can already provide the necessary pressure to effect sore muscle treatment.

There are also salt pillows that look like your ordinary bed pillows that you can use to relax and ease the muscle and joint pains on your legs.

Practical Applications of Salt Pillows

The salt pillow can be used at room temperature, and for more effective therapeutic effects it can either be used as a hot or cold compress.

If you want to use your salt pillow as a hot compress, heat the pillow in the oven at 145 degrees to 165 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes or microwave at a medium setting for a minute. If the warmth is bearable, you can place it directly on the affected area to soothe sore shoulders or tight necks. This salt pillow hot compress can also be used to ease back pain and menstrual aches.

If you want to use your salt pillow as a cold compress, put the pillow in the freezer for 30 to 60 minutes. Then, you can place it directly on the affected area to reduce headaches, swelling and joint or muscle pains and inflammations.

If you are going to use the salt therapy pillows for sports injuries, the rule is to use it as a cold compress for the first 24 hours to control the swelling. After the 24th hour, use the salt pillow as a hot compress to improve circulation and to speed up recovery.

Aside from the natural benefits of the salt crystals, using the Himalayan salt therapy pillow as a hot or cold compress is better than any other healing compress because it can hold heat and coldness far longer than any other alternative.

Salt Therapeutic Pillows are completely child-safe making them very ideal for home use as well as for spas and massage centers.

And the best thing about salt pillow therapy is that there is no such thing as an overdose. You can enjoy the soothing comfort of salt pillows overnight without fear of overuse.

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